Life groups:
Sunday Afternoon 11:30am
Contact Gary Bach
Sunday evening 6-8pm
Contact Greg Spencer                                
Monday evenings 7-9pm               
Contact Matthew Jenkins  
Tuesday evenings 6-8pm
Contact Dave Bernin
Men's groups:
Wednesday mornings 6:30am          Contact Kris Swanson
                                        Women's group:
                                        Friday mornings 9:20am                Contact Sarah Sanderson
Connections is a great place to Connect with God and Others. We meet Sundays during the Education Hour 10:15-11:25. Our purpose is to have Biblical Instruction and Biblical Fellowship. During the Worship Service we receive Biblical Instruction in an expository format. In Connections, it is our Goal to be more topical in approach with various instructors/facilitators throughout the year. Currently, John Harrenstein is teaching a series called “Momentum” on the Beatitudes in Matthew 5. We also want to share Christ with one another in our interactions. So often we talk about the Twins or Vikings but do not share what Christ is doing in our lives. In Connections we will attempt to make Christ the focus of our growing relationships. Dana Patenaude is the Connections Team Leader.
Relational Ministry
We are committed to relational ministry. Each of us has 8-15 people that we are relationally close to. These people may be our friends, family or co-workers. They are our sphere of influence. Our goal is to share Christ with these people, so that they grow one step closer to Him by coming to know Him for salvation or grow in their relationship with Him.

Hope Baskets

Our Missions Team invites you to join us in sharing hope with local families in need. In cooperation with the Welcome Inn and CADA House, we provide Hope Baskets to the families that move out of their temporary situations. Taking the first step into transitional housing, many of these families have little to no possessions. A Hope Basket contains basic cleaning supplies, a Bible, and an invitation to join our ministry here at River Ridge Church. 
Here's how you can get involved...
Build a Basket
Purchase and assemble items from this list into a laundry basket and drop it off at the church.
Buy One Item in Bulk
Purchase an item in bulk and bring it to the church to be assembled in baskets once enough items are collected.
Write a Check
Each basket costs about a total of $35.  You can drop off money at the church office, give it to someone on the missions team, or drop off a check in the offering plate with a "Hope Basket" designation.