We value connection at River Ridge. Connection first to God and then to His people. Here are the Next Steps to connection at River Ridge:
Attend Meet the Leaders
 We frequently have a gathering outside the sanctuary in the Narthex called Meet the Leaders. It is a time for you to come and meet Pastor Matt and Stacy and many of our Elders and Deacons. We also have some pretty good food at these gatherings! It is our desire to get to know you, so plan on attending!
Join a Life Group
 It has been said that what really keeps a person connected to a church is the connection they have with the people of the church. The best place to connect with the people of River Ridge is in a Life Group. Men’s, Women’s, Young Adult, and Couples Life Groups meet throughout the week in various locations (see Adult Ministries for the details) to study God’s Word, have biblical fellowship and pray together.
Attend a Membership Class
 Throughout the year we offer Membership Classes at various locations and times. Our purpose is to help you continue to connect with our leaders and get to know the vision and direction of the church. 
Serve in the Ministry
We have so many options for ministry. Please talk with Pastor Matt or any of our Elders to pursue the options for you personally!